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Client Supplement Program

For more information on this program, please contact Dwight Ganje at

Cell Phone: 651-494-4365

Email Address: Annies-place@Usfamily.net



Annie's Place

Client Supplement Eligibility Requirements


Purpose of the Client Supplement Program:

To help Low Income & Working clients in our community develop good disciplines in money management with the possibility of receiving temporary monetary supplements


Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Must be referred from one of the following agencies:
    1. The Women's Life Care Center of Little Canada 
    2. Abria Pregnancy Resources
    3. St John the Evangelist Church of Little Canada
  2. Must live in Ramsey County
  3. Can be eligible for county benefits from MFIP (Minnesota Family Investment Program) which provides both cash and food assistance (MFIP is not a requirement)
  4. Must be working or going to school to provide for their family
  5. Must be able to speak English
  6. Must be willing to take the Financial Literacy training required by this program and work toward demonstrating proficiency with monthly finances.  This includes but may not be limited to:
    1. Keeping a Spending Diary of how all income is used
    2. Developing a monthly budget and tracking the spending against the budget
    3. Developing a debt list and tracking how the debt will be paid off
  7. Must be willing to establish relationships with organizations who will provide greater education and support so they can continue to provide for their family
  8. Given the circumstances of the household, if there are others who are able to help support the client(s) involved, we’d expect them to be part of the overall discussions.       
  9. Need to be in the coaching program (If available) at the referring agency


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