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Life Coaching


 1. By Certified Narrative Coach: Margaret Ganje

 2. These resources are available to Financial Literacy clients


What is Life Coaching ?

Life Coaching is a relationship that creates a space for the person to be coached.  I call it a sacred space.   Coaching is built on a model that establishes committed ways of being, honor, respect, integrity to name a few.   Coaching aligns ones belief and values with the way they want to live their life and then take responsibility for their life.  


Here's an example of one person's experience coaching with Margaret:


"My experience is that she graciously establishes sacred space and time in which individuals can share their stories, struggles, hopes and values.   But even more, I think the greatest strength I've seen develop is Margaret's ability to draw upon what someone shares in conversation and guide that person toward real, practical, and effective life changes.   I have experienced a sense of Margaret walking alongside me in the difficulty.  And especially when she has met with our church's mentor group, I've noticed her openness toward others and her active listening create an atmosphere of both trust and safety in which people seem to be able to speak freely about what matters most to them.  In fact, I have repeatedly seen groups grow in unity through the insight she has drawn out of others during the conversations.  


Margaret's respectful use of time has been the other most significant elementI have experienced in her work.   She has always patiently allowed for either my or another's story to unfold in the conversation, often marking particular points as insights on which to build.   Intentional, hopeful, and unhurried, Margaret's directed questions have helped me identify feelings and values often otherwise hidden from my own view.   Perhaps one of the greatest skills I've benefited from has been Margaret's ability to help me choose and commit to practical, workable solutions to problems.   By her own acknowledgement of a person's essential dignity and her trust in the mystery of God working in our lives, she has communicated confidence and hope to me when I've felt 'stuck' in a particular situation or decision.   Clearly, when I look back over issues I was struggling with a year to two ago, I can recognize specific positive changes in my life that are a direct result of working with Margaret."





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